Monday, 3rd December | 5 pm | TAP Castille
+ meeting
Screening accessible to English-speakers

Fostered by producer Dominique Welinski since 2013, La Factory aims at helping emerging talents to access the international scene. Each year, this residence allows 4 directors to co-write and co-direct a short film abroad, working alongside a director from the host country. This short-film program is then shown at the opening of Cannes Film Directors’ Fortnight. Once again, one of the winners will be named in Poitiers! Like Lucie La Chimia, who was discovered in 2015 for the 2017 Lebanon Factory, Mehdi Hamnane for the 2018 Tunisia Factory, and Lawrence Valin, who will participate in the 2019 Factory in the Balkans, Dominique Welinski will choose the lucky winner of this year’s Factory, who will be then be guided throughout the production of his or her first feature film.