The best of young directors

Bringing emerging talents to light: therein lies the mission of the International Selection of the Poitiers Film Festival. Chosen from among 1,339 registered films, 269 schools and 64 countries, 50 films invite us to share young directors insights of the world. As always, the Poitiers Film Festival will be keeping tabs on the latest developments in film schools by becoming one of the first festivals in the world to open a competing selection of school features alongside the short film section. With a mix of genres and techniques, a variety of subjects, and their direct nature, these first films reveal the distinctive personalities of their authors. Their careers will take off in Poitiers. Now is the time to discover the filmmakers of tomorrow!

Selection Committee

Selection Committee Short films 2018

Rémi Bigot, Dorine Bourineau, Christophe Duhoux, Pauline Ginot, Laurent Guinot, Alice Kharoubi, Thomas Manceau, Marielle Millard, Julien Proust, Jean-Claude Rullier.

Selection Committee Feature films  2018

Léa Belbenoit, Philippe Brissonnet, Joséphine Mourlaque.

Selection committees are run by Camille Sanz, programming and coordination executive.