The best of young directors

Discovering the filmmakers of tomorrow is the goal of the Poitiers Film Festival’s International Selection. Chosen from among 1500 entries from film schools throughout the world, the selected films showcase the talent of their authors and stand out for their diversity, originality, sensitivity, maturity, audacity, and modernity.
The International Selection presents 10 programs of short films and 6 feature film programs, including works of fiction, animation, and documentaries. Several prizes are awarded by juries made up of professionals, festivalgoers, sponsors, and partners at the closing ceremony. Filmmakers are invited to meet with the audience after screenings.

Film students and schools may submit their films from April 1 to July 1, 2019. The International Selection is open to all genres.
New this year: filmmakers whose work was previously selected for the Poitiers Film Festival may submit their first films for the Feature section.

Selection Committee

Selection Committee Short films 2018

Rémi Bigot, Dorine Bourineau, Christophe Duhoux, Pauline Ginot, Laurent Guinot, Alice Kharoubi, Thomas Manceau, Marielle Millard, Julien Proust, Jean-Claude Rullier.

Selection Committee Feature films  2018

Léa Belbenoit, Philippe Brissonnet, Joséphine Mourlaque.

Selection committees are run by Camille Sanz, programming and coordination executive.