by Christian Mungiu, Ioana Uricaru, Honno Höfer, Razvan Marculescu, and Constantin Popescu
Romania I 2009 I 4×20 min

The last 15 years of the Ceausescu regime were the worst years in Romania’s history. And yet, official propaganda of this time period called it the “Golden Age”… Tales of the Golden Ageis the film adaptation of some of the most well-known urban legends. Simultaneously comical, strange, and moving, it draws inspiration from an often surrealistic daily life, when humor was an entire people’s only means of survival.

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Tuesday, 4th December I 12:30 pm
Made up of sketches and initiated by Cristian Mungiu, the first two parts of this film tell us about a village’s grotesque preparations for the official visit of a high-ranking dignitary from a foreign country (The Legend of the Inspection Activist [La légende de l’activiste en inspection]) and the enthusiasm of a young party member who is set on going to an isolated little village and teaching its villagers (who don’t really care) how to read and write (The Legend of Zealous Activism [La Légende de l’activisme zélé]).

Thursday, 6th December I 12:30 pm
The next installment of these burlesque legends with the adventures of a police officer who inherits a grumpy pig over the holidays (The Legend of the Greedy Police Officer[La Légende du policier avide]) and a press photographer working for a newspaper being paid by the regime who must hastily touch up an official photo (The Legend of the Official Photographer[La Légende du photographe official]).