Nouvelle-Aquitaine / Poitiers

December 3 to 7

The Poitiers Film Festival offers a program to accompany those working on a short in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in partnership with the CNC and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region: Talents en Court.

This year, the scriptwriter and filmmaker Emma Benestan will be the workshop’s sponsor.


This program for young authors and filmmakers has multiple objectives:

  • Facilitate opportunities to meet regional, national, and international professionals,
  • Encourage sharing experiences through personalized advice and developing a work methodology,
  • Orient participants toward organisms, structures, and associations that offer in-depth support.

5 workshop days at the Poitiers Film Festival

Selected candidates will be invited to the Poitiers Film Festival (from December 3 to 7, 2018).

The opportunity to:

  • Benefit from the expertise of a scriptwriter and one-on-one meetings,
  • Present their project to the general public and professionals,
  • Participate in master classes about production, directing actors, writing soundtracks,
  • Meet regional production companies and training organisms.

The participants’ stay (5 days, 4 nights) is paid for by the organizer and includes transportation, lodging, and access to all of the screenings.

Detailed program in October.

Emma Benestan, sponsor of Talents en Court Nouvelle-Aquitaine / Poitiers 2018

Born in Montpellier, Emma Benestan grew up in the south of France. After pursuing editing studies at La Fémis, she turned toward writing and produced three shorts: Toucher l’horizon (International Selection 2012 in Poitiers),Belle gueule, and Goût bacon.
Meanwhile, she also led video workshops with adolescents, in particular with the “Mille visages” association. These workshops would also inspire her writing. 
A first version of the screenplay of her feature Petite Sauvage was read at the “Premiers Plans” in 2017 and won the public choice award.


Talents en Court Nouvelle-Aquitaine / Poitiers is organized in partnership with Talents en Court/ Bordeaux (Fifib).