The challenges of student films property and its distribution implications

Tuesday, Dec 5th I 10 am – 5 pm

Film schools today use numerous models and various strategies for producing their students’ films. Each of these approaches has its consequences, especially with respect to rights and distributing these works.
To whom does a school film belong? Certain institutions have contracts with their students and/or with private production companies – what are the possible models? Do schools differentiate between films created during a student’s studies and the student’s final project? How do schools deal with the increasing usage of the internet to distribute their students’ films?
All of these questions will be discussed during the Round Table with school representatives and student directors who will be at the Poitiers Film Festival for the International Selection.

This Round Table will be moderated by Bert Beyens from the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound (RITCS) in Brussels who also currently serves as Chair on the Executive Council of GEECT (European Grouping of Film and Television Schools), regional association of the CILECT.

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