Organized by the TAP – Theatre and Auditorium in Poitiers, Poitiers Film Festival gathers international young film creation, film professionals and the general audience around its unique characteristics – school films.
Every year, Poitiers Film Festival presents an international selection of films from the best cinema schools throughout the world. It is an opportunity for us to take the pulse of a generation, in this privileged time when future filmmakers create outside market constraints.

Taking the pulse of young cinema, revealing new directors; here is what still drives this 2015 edition in finding the best films from around the world. With its international competition, Poitiers Film Festival is the nerve center in which the future of cinema is written, as narrations confront each other and young directors free themselves from the rules, trying their luck for the best.

Poitiers Film Festival enables audiences to be witnesses for this budding and to meet with filmmakers of the competition, who show both the freshness and liveliness of youth and the skills of experienced filmmakers. About fifty school films from all backgrounds will be selected among the 1300 received films.

Discover future talents
For the audience, it is a promise to find out about emerging cinema, to discover the first films of directors who give an account of the world they live in, its main issues and its history.  It is also the pleasure to share emotions, questions and critics with these artists during our debate-meetings.

Share experiences
Regarding professionals, the festival is a place for cinema schools and their representatives to meet, interact and share experiences about teaching issues. It has to become a landmark for producers who closely follow the birth of new talents.

Support emerging talents
Beyond offering young directors the opportunity to have their first confrontation with an audience, Poitiers Film Festival wishes to support them professionally. That’s why from 2016 it will take yet a step further by developing a special program called Jump In.

In that way, Poitiers Film Festival follows suit with the Rencontres Henri Langlois and their founder in the long run: making of school films a crucial gateway to the discovery of future talents.


1977 : The Festival, initially dedicated to graduation films, was created in Tours by Henri Langlois, founder of the French Cinémathèque, who died a few weeks before the opening of the first edition. In his honor, the Festival was named after him.
1990: The Rencontres Internationales Henri Langlois moved to Poitiers.
2000: The Graduation Films festival became the International Film Schools Festival.
2004: The management of the Festival was entrusted to the Scène nationale de Poitiers which accommodates a “Research and discovery” art house theater.
2007: The Rencontres Henri Langlois celebrated its 30th anniversary.
2008: With the opening of the Theatre & Auditorium of Poitiers, the Festival takes on new dimensions.
2014: The Rencontres Henri Langlois become the Poitiers Film Festival.