The Festival is a breeding ground for young filmmakers from all over the world. And the competition is always full of little surprises and great discoveries

Poitiers Film Festival is an international festival of film schools where schools from many countries submit films to the competition every year, an opportunity given to the public to be in the heart of filmmaking today and discover promising filmmakers, a positive forum for young directors and professionals from all over the world and the public alike,  a cutting edge in visual image education through a programme strong on collaboration with schools from primary to university level.

1977 : The Festival, initially dedicated to graduation films, was created in Tours by Henri Langlois, founder of the French Cinémathèque, who died a few weeks before the opening of the first edition. In his honor, the Festival was named after him.

1990 : The Rencontres Internationales Henri Langlois moved to Poitiers.

2000 : The Graduation Films festival became the International Film Schools Festival.

2004 : The management of the Festival was entrusted to the Scène nationale de Poitiers which accommodates a “Research and discovery” art house theater.

2007 : The Rencontres Henri Langlois celebrated its 30th anniversary.

2008 : With the opening of the Theatre & Auditorium of Poitiers, the Festival takes on new dimensions.