In addition to special screenings, the festival also organizes conferences and events for a school audience, but which are also open to the general public.

My career as a…

4 interviews to discover the different career paths related to cinema – free

How does a costume designer work? What role does a sound engineer play? How do you become a production assistant? What’s behind being a manager?

Four interviews, led by Jean-Claude Rullier, will be illustrated by excerpts from films that are close to our guests’ hearts. We will explore what attracted them to cinema and made them want to pursue their specific career paths as well as their training, professional experiences, inspiration, etc.

Program available in October.



IN 2017

My career as a production designer, with Gwendal Bescon
My career as a distributor, with Roxane Arnold
My career as a scriptwriter, with Catherine Paillé
My career as a director of photography, with Julien Poupard