Led by Dorine Bourineau

Saturday, December 1 | 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM
8 years old and up.

Workshop accessible to French speakers.

For adults and children alike, come create a collective animated film using digital tablets. No drawing, modeling clay, or puppets required: with the pixilation technique, your body does the animating! The entire TAP will be your acting and filmmaking playground as you meander, slide, and fly…

Tickets: 5€ full rate, 3€ reduced rate

For more information, contact: julien.proust@tap-poitiers.com



Wednesday, December 5 | 4:00 PM
TAP Castille

In the fall, groups of adults and teens from 3 socio-cultural centers from Grand Poitiers will work alongside professionals to create short film documentaries using a simple tool: digital tablets. From the writing process to the shot and editing, everything will be in the hands of the participants who will work together to create several collaborative films. Their productions will be presented at the Poitiers Film Festival.

In partnership with the socio-cultural centers of Grand Poitiers.

For more information, contact: julien.proust@tap-poitiers.com