The Educational program is a moving image education program geared toward elementary, middle and high schools.

It includes:

Screenings for school and young audiences catering to their age groups and sensibilities;
Questions and answers sessions between students and young filmmakers from all over the world;
ducational tools to use short films in the classroom;
Screenings specially designed for foreign language classes, followed by Q&A sessions;
Workshops led by professionals within the schools;

Exploring script writing and film review writing through a variety of educational activities…The Educational program, intended for schools of the Poitou-Charentes region, aims to introduce students to the moving image, give them key concepts for reading and analyzing, and expose them through film to new narratives and cultures.Over several years this significant initiative has been a great success with students of all ages and their teachers. Various workshops, discussions and screenings contribute througout the year to create a new way of approaching films and build a critical mind.