October, 2018

DOUGGY by Matvey Fiks

Sunday, 2nd Dec | 6:30 pm
TAP Castille

Wednesday, 5th Dec | 3:30 pm
TAP théâtre
+ meeting

Matvey Fiks | fiction | 2017 | 19 min
school: School of Visual Arts, USA

In a forgotten part of Brooklyn, Douggy works as a tow truck driver. He spends his last two night shifts anxiously waiting for a crucial phone call.

IT’S REALLY AWESOME by Jest naprawde ekstra

Sunday, 2nd Dec | 4:30 pm
TAP Castille

Thursday, 6th Dec | 8:30 pm
TAP théâtre
+ meeting

Jest naprawde ekstra | Katarzyna Warzecha | fiction | 2017 | 28 min
school: University of Silesia – Krzysztof Kieslowski Faculty of Radio and Television, Poland

Iga finds out that she is being awarded a scholarship… except that her father applied for it without her knowledge. Upset, she leaves home. However, when she realizes that her father is seriously ill, she comes back.

THICK SKIN by Erlendur Sveinsson

Sunday, 2nd Dec | 2:30 pm
TAP Castille

Thursday, 6th Dec | 4:30 pm
TAP théâtre
+ meeting

Erlendur Sveinsson | fiction | 2017 | 12 min
school: Columbia University School of the Arts, USA

Reykjavik, Iceland. A boy and a girl are circling each other at a party among friends. Glances are exchanged, then kisses, then more. The next day looks very different: the two teenagers have woken up in different worlds and a crime has been committed in one of them.


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